GARDEN WALL Principium, CD

  • GARDEN WALL Principium, CD
Record Label: Mals Ltd.
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GARDEN WALL Principium

01. The Garden
02. Silent Waves in a Ragging Ocean
03. The Giant and the Wise Man
04. Wehwalt
                First Movement
                Second Movement
05. Ekpyrosis
                I - Deflagration
                II - Reverberations in the Void
                III - The Loop of Fate
06. In the Dark
07. Onde Radio

Garden Wall are:

Alessandro Seravalle - lead vocals, all guitars, bass guitar, keyboards
Mauro Olivo - keyboards
Thomas Schaufler - drums
Michele Poletto - keyboards


Genre: Progressive rock

Origin: Italy

Label: Mals Ltd. under license from Garden Wall

The GARDEN WALL Principium CD comes with complete artwork including the 8 page booklet

Release year: 2007

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